WHERE TO EAT in Gordes?

LA TRINQUETTE rue des Tracapelles Tel 04 90 72 11 62 Sunset Dinner…don’t forget to book the balcony for ??? 2 So romantic ?

L’ENCAS Le Village 04 90 72 29 82 The best and cheapest place in Gordes. Only for lunch.

L’ARTEGAL Le Village Tel 04 90 72 02 54…Good Classical French restaurant

LE LOUP BLANC Le Village Ielts Tel :

LA CANTINA GORDA Le Village: Italian Style on the Gordes village runabout


LA TRINQUETTE : rue des Tracapelles Tel 04 90 72 11 62 <a href="https://www.miamidolphinsjerseyspop meilleur produit viagra.com”>wholesale jerseys Sunset Dinner…don’t forget to book the balcony Know for 2 ????? So romantic ?

LE CERCLE REPUBLICAIN a unique non profit café with a stunning view !? Try it you will love it.


2 bakery in Gordes…the first one wholesale jerseys is located 20 meter from the main place in front of the church and the second one is on the same direction world! but 30 meter on the left :-)…Buy your croissant baguette and come to the CERCLE REPUBLICAIN Stitch terace to enjoy your café as they not serve food…they will welcome you

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