The castle and the church, which dominate the village, impress their stature upon the visitor, as if to protect Gordes’inhabitants and extend upon them their respective influences, as was the case in the past.

The castle, rebuilt in 1525 already, existed in 1031. Well preserved, and carefully restored, it brings together the architecture of the troubled medieval period with the new ways of the Renaissance.

This imposing monument is strongly guarded with its round machicolated towers bearing terraces for the artillery. Three storeys of “Renaissance windows” have been pierced in the tall curtain walls and today, one can still notice many a cleverly located arrow slit on all the surfaces of the construction (towers, walls and bartizan). The South façade opens up towards the sun, facing the old town. Behind the fountains, a vaulted passageway pierced into the wall opens onto a courtyard leading to a monumental spiral staircase, which connects the entire building.